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Hype up your makeup with a glow-in-the-dark face paint that everyone would adore and wanna learn too!

For many years now face painting is in the limelight whenever any event is organized as a form of entertainment. Face painting can give a confidence boost and the much-required change in your daily routine. Combined with body painting, you can take over a completely different identity and enjoy the charm. Face painting has been a part of many ceremonies and celebrations since the Paleolithic times. Whether it be for entertainment or show off your artistic touch, this form of art never disappoints anyone. Considering the popularity of this art form, its often included in almost all gatherings these days.

Face painting in the daylight is fun and exciting but what if your face glows with paint in the dark as well? That would be more fun and even the slightest of details would be noticeable. If you use regular paints for a night event, it won’t be that much visible. However, with glow-in-the-dark paint, you can show off your look with ease! We have collected some ideas that you can replicate or recreate with glow-in-the-dark for an evening or night event. Mix and match the designs to create a customized look. Wondering what paint to use for that evening look? Check out these options:

  1. Midnight Glo UV Face & Body Paint Set
  2. 24 Pcs Glow in the Black Light Face Paint
  3. 12 Color Glow in The Black Light Body Face Paint
  4. GARYOB Glow in Dark Face Body Paint
  5. MEICOLY Glow UV Blacklight Face Paint

1. Skull Halloween Face Paint

Bring the much-needed horror and chill to the night party with this glow-in-the-dark skull painting. You don’t need too many colors for this and it’s easy to do if you have prior experience. Pay attention to the “gravest” details as they will be more visible in the dark.

2. UV Neon Face Paint

Choose your color scheme and get creating this easy dot design for a butterfly wings-like look. This is a great DIY face painting idea if you’re a beginner or want quick face art. To give it more volume, you can draw identical designs on both sides of your face.

3. Basic Clown Design

Glow in the dark face pain5

What party is complete without the horror of a clown? Attempt to create this easiest clown face painting and add some personal touches here and there for a personalized effect. Instead of black, you can choose any glow-in-the-dark paint and complete the look with shining stars or mirrors!

4. Kids Clown Design

Glow in the dark face paint4

Another clown design but this time a more basic one for the kids. From the eyes to the lips, you can paint everything with neon paint to have it glow in the dark. A word of caution – when you try this on a child, skip adding paint to their lips as they are likely to eat the paint.

5. Tiger Face Paint

Learn this quick and easy tiger face painting design and try it on your kids but with glow-in-the-dark paint this time! Choose your color scheme wisely and get going!

6. Stencil Face Paint

Glow in the dark face paint3

If you’re not among the artistic ones but still want to try painting your face on your own, try it with a stencil. Choose a stencil from this set and bring the joy of art to your face by yourself.

7. Butterfly Face Paint

Maybe this video teaches a basic version of a butterfly but you can invest your creative senses and make it much more than simple! Choose vibrant colors and thin strokes to create an amazing illuminating butterfly wing.

8. Unicorn Face Painting

For a cute and simple look, a unicorn never disappoints. You can either recreate this design with neon colors or make amends to it to give the unicorn a modern touch.

9. Tiger Face Painting

Cover your whole face with the wrath and charisma of a tiger and showcase it in your next evening event. A whole face design can help you to decide on a different look for those “mask necessary” parties. You’ll stand out from the “mask-wearing” crowd.

10. Lady Gaga Skull

Use this makeup tutorial as an inspiration to create an out-of-the-box glowing face painting. This is a detailed skull painting but you can always skip the details and opt for a subtle version.

11. Glam Skull Painting

Combine your makeup and face painting skills to create a glamorous “murder” skull lady for the night event. Match the whole look with your dress to stand out from the rest.

12. Glow in the Dark Face Paint

Follow the step-by-step of this easy tutorial to get ready with a spark of terror on your face. This is perfect for that late-night day of the dead or Halloween party.

11. Butterfly Stroke Painting

This is a basic face painting idea that will be easy to replicate even by beginners as it includes some dots and basic strokes. Take your time and create this idea with patience for a finished look.

12. Blacklight UV Face Paint Designs

Be visible even in black light with these super easy blacklight UV face paint designs. You can create these designs in mere time and get the whole look ready quickly.

13. One-Side Face Paint

Butterfly face art

Embellish one side of your face with the shimmer and glow of neon paint with any design that you like. The fun part about this design is that it is easy to create if you deal with patience and a firm hand. If you want to add more depth to it, you can always rely on small face beads.

14. Butterfly Face Paint

Get your brush and paint and start doing this detailed butterfly face painting for your late-night parties. Pair it up with a beautiful dress to leave everyone with an awestricken face!

15. Galaxy Face Painting

Glow in the dark face paint1

Probably the most fun thing about the night is the stars and the galaxy! Why not bring the stars and galaxy closer to you on your face? Even though this is a makeup tutorial, you can always follow this for face painting as well.

16. Galaxy Glam

This one is for the boys out there who have a soft heart for galaxy and glam! Mix glam and galaxy to cover your face with this astonishing artistic makeup. Follow the makeup tutorial with your brush and paint and make amends wherever necessary.

17. Space Face

This face paint idea is definitely a win-win for the beginners out there who want to do something artistic with their faces. A thin brush and the correct neon paint are all you need to complete this look.


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