17 DIY Outdoor Sink Ideas For Your Garden

Customize any of these DIY outdoor sink ideas to make your cleaning task easier, be it vegetables, hands, or even garden tools.

1. DIY Outdoor Sink

DIY Outdoor Sink Ideas1

Design this DIY outdoor sink with the help of this tutorial using an old drop-in sink and reclaimed wood boards. Since this site doesn’t provide a cut list, you can customize it your way.

2. DIY Outdoor Garden Sink

DIY Outdoor Sink Ideas2

Get a detailed plan for an outdoor sink here and create one for yourself for easy cleaning and watering facility. You can customize the size to suit the space and your requirements.

3. DIY Outdoor Sink from Salvaged Materials

Salvaged Materials Sink

Look how you can build a garden sink without even wasting money on expensive stuff using galvanized items. For instance, here they have used ceramic floor tiles, metal frame from a table, scrap wood, and old buckets.

4. Wooden Log Outdoor Sink

Wooden Log Sink

Using a tree trunk as the base of your outdoor sink would not just help in your gardening activities but would make for an attractive garden piece too! Visit Home Talk.

5. DIY Outdoor Sink from Wine Barrel

Wine Barrel Sink

Repurpose an old wine barrel into making this economic outdoor sink with just a bar sink, faucet, sink drain, and some hardware. Check out this Instructable.

6. Outdoor Sink Out of Pallets

DIY Outdoor Sink Ideas3

If you’ve got some old pallets lying useless in your store, this DIY is the right pick to use them efficiently. Refer to this Instructable to know more details.

7. Simple Outdoor Sink

DIY Outdoor Sink Ideas4

For this simple DIY, you need to be aware of the necessary hardware skills or at least have the support of any such person. Check out the description here.

8. Custom Outdoor Sink

Customizable Outdoor Sink

This Homedepot blog post gives detailed instructions to set up this easy-to-build outdoor garden sink. The addition of DIY outdoor sinks can be efficient in the sense of cleaning tools, rinsing garden vegetables, and washing hands after working in the yard. 

9. Mobile Garden Sink

Mobile Garden Sink

What’s better than an outdoor garden sink? Well, maybe a mobile garden sink would be of much more help than a stable one. Click here.

10. Unique Outdoor Sink With An Old Wooden Cable Spool

Wooden Cable Spool Sink

Sinks like these don’t only serve their primary purpose but also adds a more rustic and catchy look to the garden. Build a similar sink with the help of this tutorial.

11. Outdoor Kitchen Sink

Probably if you’re a beginner, you would not want to try this, but if you possess the basic knowledge of hardware and stuff, you should definitely try it once. Refer to the video for the steps. 

12. BETTER Outdoor Sink

This video provides a guide on how to help your sink drain better and an alternative way to plumb it in your garden.

13. Metal Outdoor Sink Build

Different from the above DIY outdoor sink ideas, this video guides you to make an all-metal sink in simple steps. 

14. DIY Outdoor Portable Sink

Add wheels to the base of your outdoor sink to convert it into a portable sink and have easy access to water wherever in the garden. 

15. Wooden Outdoor Garden Sink

However, the video doesn’t have a step-by-step tutorial but the description that he provides is enough to understand what he did and recreate a similar sink. 

16. DIY Stainless Sink From Salad Bowl

The most economical of all other DIY outdoor sink ideas is creating a sink with a salad bowl and a few other supplies. Understand the making of the sink bowl in the video and mount it in the wall with some bolts. 

17. DIY Pressurized Outdoor Camping Sink

If you’re heading to a camping outing in the near future, this DIY will be handy to you to create a camping sink and help you with the water and cleaning requirements.


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