17 Clay Ashtray Ideas | Cheap and Sturdy Ashtray DIY

Are you a DIY fan and like to make your own creative and decorative items? Take inspiration from the following list of incredible clay ashtray ideas to DIY your own personalized piece!

Clay Ashtray Ideas

1. DIY Round Concrete Ashtray

Follow this straightforward tutorial to learn how to make an elegant round clay ashtray. Since the ashtray is made of clay, it will be sturdy and won’t easily break, melt or blacken. It is less time-consuming and costs almost nothing if you already have clay available. Further, it is a classy and practical approach to making an ashtray that will look good on your table or desk.

2. Modern Clay Ashtray

Do you want to make a cool ashtray that will fascinate your guests? Here’s the perfect tutorial for the most unique ashtray that will leave your guests amazed! It might seem not easy, but if you know the details, the clay ashtray is pretty simple to make. Further, it is not only great because of its appearance, but is practical and sturdy too.

3. Heat Resistant Clay Ashtray

Clay Ashtray Ideas1

Tired of putting blackened or melted ashtrays in the trash? Follow this idea to bid farewell to that problem! The blog post gives directions for making a heat-resistant clay ashtray that will be good-looking and highly practical. Due to its numerous perks, this idea is definitely worth trying out.

4. DIY Dry Clay Ashtray

If you are someone who wants their stuff to reflect their personality, this idea would be great to express yourself or to make an artistic statement using these dry clay ashtrays. These are beautiful and look good wherever you place them; they fit right in. The clay ashtrays are the perfect decor-worthy item that every home needs. They enhance the overall ambiance and aesthetic of the place in which they are put.

5. Designer Ashtray

Do you like to be different? Use air-dry clay to make this unique and practical clay ashtray in no time. Although making this fabulous and artistic clay ashtray might seem like a lot of work, it’s pretty easy if you follow the video above. Suppose if you don’t like the design in the video, you can still follow the inspiration and paint the ashtray as you like. Basically, it’s just a rectangular box with middle storage and a hole on one side to hold the cigarette.

6. Amazing Clay Ashtray

If you like exploring and experimenting with your projects, you should follow this tutorial and try this excellent DIY clay ashtray idea. The best part is that you will only use your creativity and imagination and no extra stuff besides clay, water, and tools to give shape. It is a pretty simple, straightforward, artistic, and superb idea that is totally worth your time!

7. DIY Baked Clay Ashtray

Clay Ashtray Ideas2

Follow this step-by-step tutorial for an original and unique DIY baked clay ashtray idea that is fun to make, efficient, and will never go out of use. However, once you’re done baking, wash your hands with mild hand soap to remove food coloring from your fingers and hands to avoid unwanted marks.

8. DIY Clay Dishes as Ashtrays

This video shows a simple and easy way to make clay dishes or trays that you can use to hold jewelry and art supplies.However, you can definitely use these dishes as an ashtray as well. Customize them in such a way that it serves your purpose or make a cute and valuable gifts. Since it is handmade and you put effort into making it, the gifting experience is even better.

9. Pottery Ceramic Ashtray

Clay Ashtray Ideas3

Make this lovely and elegant ceramic ashtray using this detailed inspirational idea. The clay ashtray has a rim that will hold cigarettes and prevent the ashes from getting blown around. Moreover, you can carve out four spots on which the cigarettes will rest as per your preference and ease.

10. Clay Ashtray DIY

Clay Ashtray Ideas4

The great thing about this DIY idea is that it does not restricts you to one shape or size for the Ashtray. Explore your mind and pour creativity into the ashtray making so that you’re proud of it later!

11. Mushroom Ashtray

Incorporate this incredible and creative idea to create a cute yet fancy ashtray that will serve its purpose rightly! Watch the video to learn the details about the DIY idea.

12. Pepe Ashtray

If you’re a fan of the pepe frog, you will definitely love this pepe ashtray idea that you can make with simple ingredients and in short time. Check out the details in the video above.

13. Trippy Daisy Ashtray

Well, if trippy things suit your liking better than a normal or character-painted ashtrays, this DIY might be the one! Paint the ashtray in a trippy outlay and you’re done!

14. Revamp Old Ashtray

Transform an old ashtray by coating it with clay and giving it a monster like look! Instead of a monster, you can try other themes as well or customize it in such a way that you can give it as a gift.

15. Skull Ashtray

This skull ashtray would suit a personality that is outgoing and bold. You may use this skull ashtray on bachelor parties or other themed parties.

16. Mouth Ashtray

Explore your creativity and shape the ashtray in a random object or body part! In the above video, the DIYer ha shaped the ashtray as a mouth, you could shape it as a cigarette itself or any other unique shape or size!

17. Funny Ashtray

An ashtray with a man and his wide open mouth to stick the cigarette in? How funny would that be in real scenarios! Go on and create this funny ashtray and bring some laughter in your next party!


When working with any material, you must know all about it. Since with cigarettes there’s a high chance of burning disasters, you must be aware whether the clay is flammable or not. When you try to bring fire near a dried clay, it will only blacken from the spot and once you touch it, it will loose some ashes. Other than this, the clay won’t catch a fire. However, keep it mind that paint and other materials can make the clay flammable.


Store-bought ashtrays can be highly costly for a device that holds cigarette butts. Therefore, you can make your own ashtrays out of homemade clay with supplies and resources you probably already have on hand using the list of clay ashtray ideas we have compiled for you. Another perk is that these homemade or DIY clay ashtray ideas are less expensive than store-bought ashtrays. It only takes a few hours, a bit of brainstorming, creativity, and effort to make your personalized decorative clay ashtray!

Lastly, please be careful while baking clay and wash your hands after the whole process to avoid potential allergies from clay or unwanted marks. Further, since air dry could be flammable combined with other ingredients, handle it with care and follow due precautions. Thank you for reading.


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