16 Dried Rose Petals Uses To Try At Home

Customize your beauty products naturally with the help of these dried rose petals uses, they benefit the skin and hairs like nothing else!

1. DIY Rose Oil For Skin And Hair

Dried Rose Petals Uses1

Rose oil is carries beneficial propertoes for both the skin and hair as well. Here you can learn a homemade DIY to make rose oil with dried rose petals.

2. Dried Rose Water

Rose Water

Using rose water as a toner lends natural glow to the skin and is simple to make with some dried rose petals. Visit Wellnessmama to know the tutorial in detail. 

3. Rose Body Powder

Body Powder

Commercial powders contain toxins and therefore can damage your skin; better use a homemade rose powder for a silky soft skin. Learn a simple method here to know how to make it at home.

4. Rose Petal Vinegar

Dried Rose Petals Uses2

Rose petal vinegar are a great substitute to using the harsh and chemical-based products and save your skin from the potential damage.

5. Rose Body Wash

Body Wash

Isn’t it amazing if you use a home-made body wash with a fragrance of rose petals to cleanse your body naturally. Here you can learn how to DIY a body cleanser.

6. Rose And Chamomile Bath Bags

Herbal Bath Bags

Customize your bath bags with the freshness and goodness of chamomile and dried rose by following these basic steps here. Either use them for yourself or gift them to someone close to offer them an amazing bathing experience.  

7. Rose Facial Steam

Dried Rose Petals Uses3

A facial steam with lavender, rose, and chamomile will open up your facial pores and prepare it to penetrate the benefits of masks and scrubs well. 

8. Rose Dream Pillows

Dried Rose Petals Uses4

If you suffer from insomnia or any other sleep disorder, this herbal dream pillow might help you in getting a restful sleep. Make one with this easy tutorial here.

9. Rose Kombucha

Rose Kombucha

You can DIY a rose kombucha that is super easy to make with dried rosehips and dried rose petals. It would be a great addition to your house party or for small gatherings. 

10. Rose Lip Balm

Dried Rose Petals Uses5

A recipe of a lip balm with dried rose petals and shea butter would never fail to moisturize and prettify your lips. Have a look at this recipe

11. Rose Face Mask

Face Mask

Add a perfect glow to your face by making a rose face mask with dried rose petals and clay powder. This face mask will soothe, hydrate, and soften the skin while making it acne free. 

12. Dried Rose Lip Scrub

Lip Scrub

Exfoliate your lips in a better and luxurious way by making a lip scrub at home using rose petals and mint oil.

13. Rose Petal Soap

Dried Rose Petals Uses6

Here you can DIY amazing rose scented soaps that will leave your skin soothing and fresh. Few simple steps and you can learn how good and simple it is to make these soaps at home.

14. DIY Shampoo Bar Recipe With Dried Rose Petals

Shampoo Bar

Make your own incredibly easy and satisfying shampoo bars that will make your hair super soft, shiny and healthy. Try this shampoo bar recipe by Jojotastic

15. Luxurious Rose Petal Cold Cream

This rose cold cream will not just nourish and moisturize your skin in winters but can also be used as a makeup remover. Understand the recipe in the video above. 

16. Rose Infused Oil

Add 8 oz almond oil to one cup of dry rose petals and boil it at low heat for two hours using the double boiler method, that’s all.

All these Dried Rose Petals Uses are largely based upon beauty DIY except for a few but we would love to include other Dried Rose Petals Uses as well. Feel free to share your dry rose petal DIYs in the comments below.


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