DIY Butterfly Wings | How To Make Butterfly Wings

Cosplay, dress-up parties, or fashion shows, you can always rely on these DIY Butterfly Wings ideas for last-minute Costume help!

1. DIY Butterfly Wings

Be the cool mom or cool aunt by giving a handmade DIY butterfly wings surprise to your child or favorite girl in the family. It’s easy because it’s a cardboard DIY and would be fun to paint with the child as per their liking.

2. No-Sew Butterfly Wings

If you don’t wish to use paper or cardboard, you can DIY an attractive butterfly wing with fabric as well. Based on the color of the fabric chosen, you can ask your child to paint the wings with a contrasting color for a vibrant look.

3. DIY Attractive Wings

Dress up your child in beautiful attire and top it up with a beautiful and attractive handmade butterfly wing that they can show off among their friends.

4. Fairy Butterfly Wings

Prepping your kid for their next fashion show at school? A butterfly might be one of the things that they wanna be plus it’s easy for you too to design a costume. Customize butterfly wings to match their outfit.

5. How-To Butterfly Wings

DIY Butterfly Wings1

Don’t be restricted to fabrics and cardboard while making the wings, rather try a hanger to give the perfect butterfly wings to your kid or yourself! Here’s where you can find the details.

6. Wings of the Monarch

DIY Butterfly Wings2

Recreate this beautiful Monarch butterfly wings by following this article. Personalize it by altering the shape and size and even the color combination. You just need the felt of your choice and you’re good to start!

7. Rainbow Shadow Wings

Wouldn’t it be exciting to see the wings’ colors in the shadow during the day? We are sure it would excite your child even more! Try out this DIY idea to re-do the project your own way.

8. $5 Butterfly Wings

Be it a last-minute Halloween costume or a last-minute party dress-up, this DIY will not disappoint you. Besides the fact that it’s easy to make, it’s cheap as well so easy on the pocket too!

9. Wings from a Folder

If you have underlying folders in your house without any purpose, transform them into butterfly wings easily with the help of the above video. It’s a thrift way to say thanks to the environment by recycling the folders.

10. Butterfly Wings DIY

Grab all the supplies and get going with this DIY to give a hug-worthy surprise to your little girl. Even if there’s no dress-up occasion, it won’t harm to simply pretend to be a butterfly and roam around the house. It is sure to collect some laughs and sweet memories.

11. DIY Halloween Costume

Wanna be a butterfly on Halloween? Well, a little black dress and handmade butterfly wings are all you need to fulfill your wish. Watch the video above to learn the instructions.

12. Blue Fairy Wings

Press and bend a few hangers to give them the shape of a butterfly wing and cover it up with a stocking and paint afterward. It can be a fun activity to do with your kids on a fine Sunday evening.

13. Cellophane Fairy Wings

Try out cellophane paper to give the extra precise shape to your butterfly wings. Watch and pause the video to keep following the idea exactly.

14. DIY Tinkerbell Wings

Yes, Tinkerbell is a fairy, not a butterfly but it doesn’t harm to mimic the idea and customize it to give the impression of a butterfly wing. Find the details in the video.

15. Cosplay Fairy Wings

This idea might interest you if you or your child is into Cosplay. Re-do the project with some experiments and ideas of your own to give it a personalized touch.

16. DIY Fairy Wings

Cheap and beautiful, fairy wings are easy to make and can be customized into a butterfly wing with minor adjustments only. Have fun creating something amazing!


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