15 DIY Bench Cushion Ideas | Home Decor Projects

Are you looking for your next home decor project? We have the best DIY bench cushion ideas that are beautiful and easy on the pocket.

1. 2 Hour Bench Cushion

An easy DIY project, upcycle your old furniture with a trendy bench cushion. See the video to know how to make your DIY bench cushion in record time.

2. No-sew Bench Cushion

An ideal DIY for those who are not stitching wizards, this no-stitch bench cushion tutorial is straightforward to make. Learn how to make this trendy window seat cushion in the video!

3. Bench Seat Cushion

DIY Bench Cushion1

Bring design harmony to your boxed corners and structural pieces with these bench cushions. Know what you need and how to make these cushions here.

4. Sew A Bench Cushion

DIY Bench Cushion2

Are you a perfectionist? This step-to-step guide for making modern and comfortable bench cushions could be your answer to spruce up your home decor with an added comfort.

5. DIY Bench Cushion

DIY Bench Cushion3

Another no-sew project, this bench cushion DIY, is made with a solid base and explores the opportunity to upcycle old furniture with comfortable additions and bright hues. You can change the fabric and size of these cushions as per your decor needs.

6. Yarn Bench Cushion

This yarn bench cushion DIY is ideal for people who like to add colors and textures to their home or personal office space. Filled with comfortable batting, this puffy seat is adorned with top stitches and yarn balls that add more personality and comfort to your decor.

7. Bench Cushion With Piping

Piped Cushion

Complete with the perfect finishing touch, these piped bench cushions are inexpensive, beautiful, and perfect for the outdoors. Learn how to make this genius design with shower curtains right here.

8. Tufted Bench Cushion

Learn how to make a tufted bench cushion for your comfortable nooks and corners around the house. Adorned with buttons; this detailed DIY is a sturdy yet stylish addition for your home.

9. Stapled Window Seat Cushion

Window seat

An ideal solution for people who love to sit by the window, this compact window bench design can help add structural grace to a room. Learn how to make the best use of small spaces with this DIY window seat cushion. You can add this bench cushion to a window seat as well.

10. $65 Cushion DIY

$65 Cushion Idea

An inexpensive addition to your home decor, learn how to make this easy and economical bench cushion design here.

11. No-sew Cushion

DIY Bench Cushion4

Create your heaven with this window seat bookcase, cushioned with a no-sew bench seat. Learn all about the design details and requirements of this DIY project here.

12. DIY Window Seat Cushion

DIY Bench Cushion5

A comfortable addition for your window seat, this lay foam bench cushion is supported by plywood for a strong foundation. An easy to make and update DIY, try making these cushions for built-in benches and update them in style.

13. DIY Tufted Bench

Learn how to use a tufted pegboard to build a bench seat cushion here. The article explores a small white bench that can be easily added to your dressing tables, dining rooms, or any other corner of the house.

14. French Mattress Cushion

French Style Cushion

Know how to sew your tufted french mattress at home for a sophisticated and elegant bench seat. Read the article to know all the details of this DIY project. You can increase and decrease the size of the mattress as per your requirements.

15. Upholstered Bench Cushion

Know how to upholster your bench cushion in style with this easy DIY video. A no-sew simple design project, this video explores how to achieve neat corners for your cushioned seats.

A great way to inject more personality in small corners of the house, you can easily upgrade your bench cushions with bright colors, bold patterns, and eccentric prints.


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