16 Date Night Gift Basket Ideas | Date Night Baskets

Choose from any of these Date Night Gift Basket Ideas to surprise your partner with a personalized experience of love and thrill with you!

1. Romantic Date Night Basket

Date Night Gift Basket Ideas1

Romance can add a spark to your life as it plays an important role in intimacy and connection. A little bit of appreciation for each other through romance can go a long way to building a strong relationship. You can add anything to everything that your partner would love in a romantic basket but keep in mind to not overflow the basket with many items. More than required things can set the mood off and turn the excitement down for your partner as too many items will cause distraction. Instead, include only the required things that will excite your partner and tune up your romantic evening. Here are a few things that you can include:

  1. Alcohol
  2. Chocolates
  3. Blanket
  4. Champagne glasses
  5. Candles and Essential Oils
  6. Personalized Card
  7. Flowers

2. Sporty Date Night Basket

If you and your partner enjoy playing sports, you can opt for a sporty date night basket. This basket can have coordinated items for both of you, making sweating together even more fun. A sporty date would go well planned on a fine evening in the lawn with you and your partner playing and staying fit together. Here are some date night basket essentials you can add.

  1. Athleisure shoes
  2. Matching athleisure wear
  3. Energy drinks
  4. Protein bars
  5. Reservations at the court (on your choice of sport)
  6. Equipment (on your choice of court)
  7. His and Hers towel

3. Relaxing Date Night Basket

Stressful lives can sometimes become an obstacle to a healthy lifestyle with your partner. Curate a date night basket consisting of all the items which can help you both relax and spend time together. A little detour from your usual stressful lives will not only relax your minds but make your bond even stronger and healthier. Below are some items that you can include in a relaxing date night basket.

  1. Wine
  2. Bath Salts
  3. Face mask
  4. Robes/Comfortable Sleepwear
  5. Comfort food
  6. Towels
  7. Candles

You can also chose a particular activity you enjoy which relaxes you both, such as yoga session or a dance session and personalize your date night basket.

4. Sexy Date Night Basket

Spice up your relationship with your partner using this date night basket. Indulge in some sexy activities and get closer to your partner, both physically and mentally.

  1. Elegant Lingerie
  2. Eye mask
  3. Speakers for romantic music
  4. Alcohol
  5. Chocolates/Strawberries
  6. Couples board games
  7. Candles
  8. Perfume

5. At Home Date Night Basket

Too lazy to step out? Try out this at-home date night basket for making the night-in more romantic. It’s not always necessary to go out with your partner, staying in and enjoying the time together away from the hustle-bustle of the streets and restaurants can get you even closer to each other.

  1. Blanket
  2. Movie/Board games
  3. Alcohol
  4. Chocolates
  5. Candles
  6. Decorating lights/flowers to create a romantic ambiance
  7. A recipe which you can follow for cooking dinner

6. Hotel Slumber Party Date Night Basket

Plan a spontaneous date night at a hotel to give yourself a break from the regular life. You can have a slumber party theme. Take these essentials when you are at it.

  1. Hotel room booking
  2. Coordinated sleepwear
  3. Board games
  4. Alcohol
  5. Ice cream
  6. Snacks

7. Valentine’s Day Date Night Basket

Date Night Gift Basket Ideas2

Valentine’s day is the most romantic day of the whole year without defeat. It is a day you can rekindle your romance, add spark to your life and have fun. Make it even more romantic by surprising your love interest with a customized date night basket idea. Include the below items and others too which will excite your partner for sure.

  1. Champagne
  2. Champagne glasses
  3. Chocolates
  4. Candles
  5. Flowers
  6. Other cute valentine tokens

8. Playful Date Night Basket

Have a fun date night filled with laughter with your partner using a playful date night basket. Take some ideas from the list below to personalize a perfect basket as per you and your partner’s liking.

  1. Board games (Monopoly, Scrabble, etc.)
  2. List of fun YouTube videos
  3. Soda
  4. Snacks
  5. Playing cards
  6. Video games

9. Travel Date Night Basket

Make a travel plan by gifting a date night basket to your partner with all your travel needs. It can be a road trip or getaway tickets to your favorite destination across the globe!

  1. Eye Mask
  2. Neck Pillow
  3. Gift certificate for a travel website
  4. Map/Globe
  5. Travel games

10. Bucket List Date Night Basket

Bucket lists have become a part of our life goals. As a couple, you can create some common bucket lists and specially curate a gift basket which will help you in ticking things off that list. Add coupons/ gift certificates for these items such as a particular restaurant you both want to try, a movie you want to watch, want to travel somewhere, or try an adventure sport. Take one of the items off your list which you can do together that night to motivate you to try more activities in the future.

11. The Five Senses Date Night Basket

Enhancing all your senses will help in enjoying each other’s company in a more conscious state and appreciating your life. Chose different items for each sense but make sure all these items connect creating a whole experience.


  1. Cozy sleepwear
  2. Blanket
  3. Lotions/Oils


  1. Pictures of you and your partner
  2. A movie
  3. Artwork


  1. Speakers
  2. Subscription to a streaming site


  1. Alcohol
  2. Hot beverage
  3. Gift certificate for a restaurant
  4. Chocolate


  1. Scented candle
  2. Freshener
  3. Bath Bombs

12. Coffee Date Night Basket

Date Night Gift Basket Ideas3

We all have had the most personal and deep conversations over a cup of coffee. This date night basket is a great way if you feel a loss of connection and want to spend some quality time with each other.

  1. Personalized mugs
  2. Favorite coffee
  3. Cookies
  4. Marshmallows

13. Movie Night Basket

Having an at-home movie date night can be quite an intimate affair depending on what genre of movie you choose to watch. It is great for having a hassle-free yet romantic date. Take inspiration from this basket to add an extra spark to your night.

  1. Cozy blanket/Throw
  2. Popcorn or other snacks
  3. Drinks – Soda or Wine
  4. Your Favorite Movies
  5. Candy
  6. A pair of cozy socks

14. Spa Date Night Basket

Another great way of having a relaxing date night is by having a spa date. This basket can cover all essentials as well as some personal massage coupons for fun. You can also book professional couple massages.

  1. Massage oil
  2. Plush Robe
  3. Scented candles
  4. Moisturizer
  5. Sheet Masks
  6. Comfy slippers
  7. Detox water
  8. Light healthy snacks such as strawberries, nuts, or baked chips.

15. Taste Test Date Night Basket

Indulge in a romantic taste test to get yourself in the mood for date night. Challenge your partner’s taste buds with some variety of food items which can set the mood.

  1. Wine/Juice
  2. Fruits like strawberries, peaches, cranberry
  3. Cheese
  4. Nutella
  5. Honey
  6. Blindfold

16. Camping Date Night Basket

Camping out for a date can give relief from the monotonous liFE and can bring you closer to nature. Collect a few items to prepare a basket for your partner.

  1. Foldable tent
  2. Blanket
  3. Picnic
  4. Mosquito repellant
  5. Marshmallows

We hope you liked these date night gift basket ideas and that you will try one of these with your partner for a fun-filled evening!


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