14 Fun Ways to use Sticky Notes | Post It Notes Uses

These fun ways to use sticky notes will leave you amazed by the creativeness. We’ve rounded up 16 of the most crafty post-it notes uses.

1. Fun Ways to use Sticky Notes – Calendar

Fun Ways to use Sticky Notes 1

Tape down colored chips randomly to create a quirky calendar that will let you mark all the important appointments ahead of time. The tutorial is here.

2. DIY Post-It Note Messages

Fun Ways to use Sticky Notes 2

Spell out motivation quotes on post-it notes and secure them on the soft office board for all the Monday mourners to see! Get inspiration here.

3. Post-it Note Grad Party Guest Book

Fun Ways to use Sticky Notes 3

Bold yellow sticky notes act as the perfect canvas for writing congratulatory messages at a graduation party. Visit MarthaStewart for the instructions.

4. Fridge Art

Fun Ways to use Sticky Notes 4

This larger-than-life post-it fridge cover will brighten up the surrounding space just as well. Follow the instructions here.

5. Christmas Tree

This apartment-friendly Christmas tree is relevant year-round. Make your own with this tutorial.

6. Paper Flower from CD and Post It Notes

Fun Ways to use Sticky Notes 6

Dress up your handmade cards with these pretty post-it origami flowers in different colors. We got inspiration from here.

7. Star Wars Mural made of Post-it Notes

Fun Ways to use Sticky Notes 7

Star Wars-inspired wall decor is a budget-friendly way to pay ode to the all-time Sci-fi classics. Get the step by step guide here.

8. Fun Ways to use Sticky Notes – Easy Owl Pinata

Fun Ways to use Sticky Notes 8

Post-it pinatas act as cute props for a birthday, baby shower, or just about any party that could do with some low-budget, last-minute decorations. Check out this link!

9. Meal Planning

Fun Ways to use Sticky Notes 9

Get your meal planning game in order with this organized post-it binder. See this tutorial for details.

10. Turn A Pad of Post-It Notes Into A Secret Safe

Fun Ways to use Sticky Notes 10

If you’re looking for a discreet place to hide the keys to your minibar, we suggest you follow this link.

11. Ruche DIY – Post It Wall

Fun Ways to use Sticky Notes 13

No money to buy wallpapers? Decorate plain walls with pastel-colored post-it notes instead. Get inspiration from here.

12. Origami Post-It Box

Fun Ways to use Sticky Notes 14

These compact post-it boxes are great for saving tiny things that keep getting lost, like your keys, gold studs, and loose change. Instructables came up with the tutorial.

13. Super Sticky Post It Notes as labels

Attaching sticky post-it notes to your charging cords is a good way of knowing which peg goes into which hole. Here’s a detailed post on this project.

14. Post-It Heart Pinata

Fun Ways to use Sticky Notes 16

For a playful party decor that speaks volumes of your true feelings, this post-it heart pinata is the way to go. We found it here.


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