15 DIY Pottery Painting Ideas For Decorative Utensils

Try these DIY pottery painting ideas to upgrade your ceramic containers in a personalized manner and show off your painting skills!

1. DIY Hand Painted Mug

Use a thread and a microwave safe porcelaine paint to revamp a solid ceramic mug into a more festive spirited. Watch the above tutorial to understand the steps.

2. Paint on Ceramics and Porcelain

Paint on Ceramics and Porcelain

Some of you might find this DIY a bit tricky to do but once you start on it, you’ll go on with the flow! You’ll need a flower motif, ceramic bowl, ceramic pens, pencil, carbon paper, masking tape, and white vinegar.

3. DIY No Bake Sharpie Art Bowls

DIY Pottery Painting Ideas1

Decide on a design and start drawing it on a ceramic bowl or coffee mug; once you finish designing, let them dry for 2-4 days! A Piece Of Rainbow tells you why you must avoid baking sharpie art bowls.

4. DIY Hexagon Plates

DIY Hexagon Plates

If you’ve such hexagon ceramic plates, you can give this DIY a try with some non toxic paint and a brush, that’s all! Check out the details at A Kailo Chic Life.

5. Plain Crockery Makeover

DIY Pottery Painting Ideas2

Just by painting a basic crockery, you can give it a extravagant and unique makeover in no time. To personalize it even more, you should invent a design of your own to make your art stand out!

6. DIY Ikat Inspired Tableware

DIY Ikat Inspired Tableware

You can try this Ikat-inspired tableware and decoration to impress people at your next family gathering. Visit Nouba to understand the tutorial.

7. DIY Boho Glass Plates

DIY Boho Glass Plates

With boho theme famous everywhere, you can convert your glass plates into one of these unique DIY. Check out more information here.

8. Coffee Mug With Porcelain Marker

DIY Pottery Painting Ideas3

Trace a design on to a cermaic mug and make it permanent using a porcelain marker, it’s as easy as it sounds. Look at the detailed descriptionhere.

9. DIY Gold Confetti Dish

DIY Pottery Painting Ideas6

Imitate this gold confetti dish tutorial using gold leaf pen kit, ceramic dip bowls, and a soft brush. We found this easy DIY pottery painting ideas here.

10. DIY Gold Splatter Paint Glass Plates

DIY Gold Splatter Paint Glass Plates

Splatter painting has the ability to transform a basic glass plate into a much more interesting version, which you can use for a out of the blue table decor! Click here.

11. DIY Japanese Printed Bowl

DIY Japanese Printed Bowl

Inspired by the japanese culture, these bowls can be used as a jewelry organizer or even for culinary uses if painted with food safe paint. Look at the designs here.

12. DIY Paint Ceramic Bowl

DIY Pottery Painting Ideas5

Try this DIY with the old technique of taping particular areas of your utensil and then proceeding to paint the rest of the surface with ceramic paint. Have a look here.

13. DIY Painted Ceramic Mugs

DIY Painted Ceramic Mugs

Have such emoticons painted on your mugs to suit your everyday mood from the starting of the day to the night. You can try out many different emoticons apart from these.

14. Fingerprint Butterfly Mug PaintingFingerprint Butterfly Mug Painting

These mugs can be personalized with your thumb prints or if you’ve kids, it’s going to be a fun pass time for weekends surely! Try this butterfly mug painting with your kid’s thumbs

15. DIY Safe Painted Dishes

DIY Pottery Painting Ideas4

These pretty teacups and saucers are dishwasher safe and can be done in a matter of a few minutes without much hassle. Visit Delia Creates for a detailed How-to.

All these DIY pottery painting ideas are easy to do and looks absolutely charming once complete. By any chance if you’ve got more DIY pottery painting ideas, feel free to share them in the comment section!


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