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Surprise your husband or boyfriend by incorporating any of these small home office ideas for him and helping him remain productive and focused all day!

Small Home Office Ideas for Him

1. Focus on Desk

Small Home Office Ideas for Him1

Try a basic home office with minimum distractions and free of clutter. The focus stays on the work but it still can have everything you need. Add some minimalist lamps to light up the desk, keeping it classic with an understated appearance.

2. Make it Blend with the Interior

Make it Blend with the Interior

To avoid major changes in the house interior, arrange a home office that matches the décor. Take inspiration from this image where the office decor is a direct reflection of the map wall. Show off the wanderlust in you via the accessories or keep it basic and let the interior speak for itself.

3. Use Plants

Use Plants

If your boyfriend/husband is a nature lover, add some plants on the desk to bring positivity and let creativity flow in the mind. These can be refreshing and can boost mood instantly. When travelling is not an option, by filling the surroundings with nature you can stay connected and grounded. Additionally, it will help in purifying the air around you.

4. Use Corners

Small Home Office Ideas for Him2

Make a personal corner that allows your partner to dive into work and cut off from all distractions. Hang some shelves to keep it tidy and illustrations for calmness. This becomes your own personal space with freedom of movement and you can have different sections, such as a wall with a pinboard or even a whiteboard to gather the thoughts.

5. Use Masculine Colors

Use Masculine Colors

You can never go wrong with the classic look of a black and grey palette. It is versatile and can make the room ambiance strong yet elegant. Just like black and grey rule the world of neutrals, your partner should be ready to conquer in their office.

6. Use Powerful Quotes

Use Powerful Quotes

Invite an extra pinch of inspiration and encouragement by hanging motivational posters above the desk. These will help him through days when he just does not feel like working or is tired of hustling every day. Choosing such posters in neutral palettes will help them to blend in with the furniture and not affect the décor of the room.

7. Make Use of muscular paintings

Small Home Office Ideas for Him3

Take inspiration from this home office décor wherein you can hang some strong artwork on the wall for providing mental strength. The table decoration is kept minimum and the artwork hanging on the back is creating a masculine effect. The contrast in color by using a wooden table also accentuates the wall art.

8. Vintage Style

 Vintage Style

Ditch the modern look, and opt for this vintage office look. Its rough look, with the distressed wooden furniture, adds a masculine touch. Decorate with vintage accessories such as posters showing the retro times or iron buckets which will add to the charm of the office and remind of the glorious past.

9. Try Industrial Style

Try Industrial Style

Industrial style is a unique aesthetic to choose for a home office. Repurpose some old furniture, use some rustic accessories, such as distressed wooden stools to bring everything together and ready for work. Shelving using pipe brackets on the exposed brick wall adds a certain visual flamboyance to the whole industrial look.

10. Bookshelf

Small Home Office Ideas for Him4

As an avid reader, having your own personal bookshelf can be more intimate and is a testament to your personal interests. It provides a sense of organization and can provide space for other items like picture frames, decorations, or sculptures your partner wishes to show off.

11. Make it Minimal

Make it Minimal

A neat desk, organized and free from any visual interruptions can help in maintaining concentration. Add just a bit of personal touch by using either plants or a contemporary décor item such as a vase or lamp. The wooden and white furniture blends well with an all-white room without taking up the minimalist approach of the house interior.

12. Use Skulls and Other Powerful Decorations

Use Skulls and Other Powerful Decorations

Decorate the office space with cool collectibles or some powerful offbeat decorations such as vintage antiques, or skulls, etc. It is a personal man cave and such strong decorations show off a formidable man of taste and sophistication.

13. Use Leather

Small Home Office Ideas for Him5

Try using leather furniture to set up the home office. Leather is luxurious, gorgeous, and extremely durable. It has a masculine look to it mixed with style and class. Furthermore, it is easy to clean and maintain.

14. Use Portable Table to Save Space

Use Portable Table to Save Space

If you are trying to fit in a home office in an apartment with limited space, try using a portable table. For this type of home office avoid using many table accessories. Instead, highlight the workplace with wall décor. This makes it easy to move and still have a personal touch.

We hope you would surprise your partner with these small home office ideas for him. Alternatively, ask your boyfriend or husband to help you along to spend some time together!


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