14 New Year’s Eve Wine Bottle Decoration

Here are 14 new year’s eve wine bottle decoration ideas for you to explore and incorporate in your new year’s decor and welcome the new beginning with elegance!

1. Glitter Champagne Bottles

New Year's Eve Wine Bottle Decoration1

For a sparkly new year decoration, completely cover the old champagne bottles in gold glitter. Add a few details using ribbons and shiny buttons. You can use these bottles as table names or simply for decorating. You can do this using actual old champagne or wine bottles or using dummy smaller ones.

2. New Year Bottle Tags

New Year Bottle Tags

You can change the look of a basic wine bottle by adding a cute sparkly tag on the bottle head welcoming the new year in style. Use some basic messages or personalize the tags and use them as gift cards. Click here.

3. Wine Bottle Accent Lights

 Wine Bottle Accent Lights

There are different ways you can light up your house this New year, but try making this wine bottle accent lights for an eccentric way of decorating the house. This tutorial shows a detailed process of making these accent lights. If you do not want to drill the bottle, you can just not use the cork on the top and let it be the outlet for the light strings.

4. Gold Year Wine Bottles

New Year's Eve Wine Bottle Decoration2

You can use your old wine bottles to display the coming year. The color palette of gold spray-painted wine bottles, with sparkly year digits pasted over it, makes it look elegant and chic at the same time.

5. New Year’s Eve Wine Bottle Decoration

Party Printables

Attach these classy printables on wine bottles and/or other decor items to welcome the new year with elegance and style. Get your printable here.

6. Wine Bottle Banner

 Wine Bottle Banner

For an extravagant DIY décor without spending much money, you can take inspiration from this tutorial. It makes use of 4 wine bottles to display the year with the end bottles holding a new year banner. This is perfect décor for large tables or even for placing beside the windows.

7. Gold Plated Wine Bottles

New Year's Eve Wine Bottle Decoration3

If you are looking for a classic yet extravagant decoration, then this tutorial is for you. Paint the wine bottles with gold spray paint, giving them a nice elegant texture with the shine and excitement of the new year. Place year numbers on the top of the bottle using sticks and attach some curled gold ribbons over them.

8. Black And Gold Wine Décor

Black and gold blend well and are perfect for New Year theme decorations. This tutorial shows in detail how you can decorate the wine bottles, starting with tips on removing the existing labels and cleaning the bottles. It uses gold and black paint along with other sparkly additions for a perfect decoration.

9. Glitter Bottle

Moving away from the gold-themed decorations, this tutorial shows how you can cover champagne bottles in silver glitter for decoration purposes. It uses masking tape to avoid covering the whole bottle. You can use it for table decorations or for other useful purposes as well.

10. Silver Spray Painted Bottle

Another tutorial for decorating the wine bottles in silver spray paint. It shows how you can make a section on the table with these bottles and the year’s placards. It has some quirky décor ideas such as silver beads and blue fur and mixes well with the winter themes decorations.

11. Winter Land Wine Decoration

New Year's Eve Wine Bottle Decoration4

For a winter theme decoration this new year, you can spray paint your wine bottles in silver color. Add a few accessories such as snow-covered pine cones, silver sparkly trees, and the new year’s digits for a more festive décor.

12. Glitter and Light Wine Bottle

This tutorial shows another way of making a simple wine bottle decoration. Cover the bottom half of the bottle in gold glitter and use copper wire on the head for writing a message. Display it with some lights around other decorations.

13. Decorated Light Up Bottles

This is an easy and quick way for decorating the house in pretty wine bottles. Further, you can decorate these bottles in winter-themed effects using cut-ups of leaves snowflakes, etc., and enhance the whole look.

14. Classic Wine Bottle Decoration

If you are going for a more subtle decoration, then you can try this. Paint the wine bottles black and place new year cue cards on them. This is a great way of decorating with wine bottles without an extravagant look. It blends well with the other decorations and does not take the spotlight away. Add some gold and silver ribbons on the bottle for a little more sparkly look.


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