14 DIY Unicorn Pinata Ideas For Kid’s Birthday Parties

DIY Unicorn pinata ideas are great to add drama to distributing sweets and candies on a kid’s birthday party!

1. DIY Mini Unicorn Pinata With Free Printable Template

DIY Unicorn Pinata Ideas 1

This vibrant unicorn pinata is a fun way to applaud your kid’s dreamy belief of unicorns. Moreover, it’s a fun way to spend quality time with your kids while enlarging their creativity skills.

2. Unicorn Pinata

DIY Unicorn Pinata Ideas 2

A kid’s party is generally incomplete without candies, and what’s a better way to let the candies out of a pinata! Here’s a DIY to create a large paper-mache unicorn with easily available craft supplies.

3. Unicorn Pinata Out of an Old Shoebox

DIY Unicorn Pinata Ideas 3

Repurpose an old shoebox into this crepe paper unicorn pinata and therefore add a dramatic touch to distributing candies in a kid’s ceremony. Magical Daydream has the DIY tutorial.

4. DIY Unicorn Head Pinata

DIY Unicorn Pinata Ideas 4

Make paper mache and cover an inflated balloon with it. Once it dries, decorate it with fringe paper and ribbons to complete this DIY. You can view the tutorial here.

5. Toilet Roll Tubes Unicorn Pinata

DIY Unicorn Pinata Ideas 5

Use some stacked up toilet roll tubes, masking tape, crepe paper, felt, cardboard box, and this tutorial to make the above pinata. This DIY is a great way to turn junk into a stylish and purposeful decorative item.

6. Unicorn-Piñata Grams

Unicorn-Piñata Grams

Making handmade pinatas to give to your loved ones is not only a lovable gesture but makes a great present as well. Here’s a DIY to try in case you need to mail a pinata.

7. Masking Tape Unicorn Pinata

Masking Tape Unicorn Pinata

Add a glittery touch to a regular cardboard pinata by covering it with a silver crepe paper. You can further adorn it with colorful tissue papers. You can refer to the how-to here.

8. DIY Pull String Unicorn Piñata

DIY Pull String Piñata

Stand out from usual by DIYing this pull string unicorn pinata. All you need is white crepe paper and some other craft supplies that you might already have to make it. Check out the video here.

9. DIY Unicorn Pinata for a Unicorn Birthday Party

DIY Pinata for a Birthday Party

If you’re planning a birthday party shortly, this DIY might help in adding style to the party. Get the pinata tutorial here.

10. Dollar Tree Unicorn Pinata

Of all the pinata creations, paper mache ones are probably the easiest and most suitable to complete on short notice. Understand the steps through the video above.

11. Easy DIY Unicorn Pinata

Put scrap cardboards into use with a few other supplies to create the mythical animal that’s forever desirable. Watch the video to know more.

12. Simple DIY Mini Unicorn Piñatas

Anything reduced to a tiny size looks cute and with unicorn pinatas, they make an attractive return gift on a budget. Refer to the video to understand the steps.

13. Unicorn Pinata Makeover

Unicorn Pinata Makeover

If you have got a pinata from an earlier party, follow this DIY guide to give it a whole new makeover in a few easy steps.

14. DIY Rainbow Unicorn Pinata

DIY Rainbow idea

You can make this rainbow pinata with cardboard scraps and colorful crepe papers without hassle. Visit HGTV to learn more.

Hope you got some good DIY unicorn pinata ideas to make for the birthday party. Most of the ideas are easy to do and looks more real than the store-bought ones. So, try out the idea that works best for you and leave your comments below if you have any suggestions or ideas!


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