14 DIY Pearl Jewelry | Pearl Jewelry Ideas

Take inspiration from any of these DIY pearl jewelry ideas and customize your jewelry at home without spending much money on expensive jewelry!

1. Modern Pearl Jewellery

If you want to wear pearls with casual modern attire, take inspiration from this DIY tutorial. Create your own voguish look by making a choker of just two giant pearls which goes well with office wear or can be used to add an edge to the laid-back daily wear.

2. Ribbon and Pearl Bracelet

This beautiful ribbon and pearl bracelets are great to make if you have a lot of loose pearls. They are extremely easy to make and look very trendy and chic. You can pair these bracelets with a cute little summer dress and high heels!

3. Vintage Pearl Choker

Chokers have gained popularity recently with the 90’s look making its way back. You can make yourself a traditionally classic choker by using just a single pearl tied with a leather band and rock the retro look.

4. Structured Pearl Necklace Set

Add a dash of romance to your classic pearl necklace with this design. This floral looking pearl set works great with lace, formal outfits, and dresses. Follow the video tutorial to make a structure pearl necklace with minimum supplies.

5. Chunky Pearl Necklace

A combination of the modern chunky chain with this vintage cluster of pearls is just what you need for elevating your outfit. This pearl necklace is classy yet trendy and can add a whimsy vibe to your whole outfit.

6. Collar Shaped Necklace

This DIY shows a different style of adorning a pearl necklace. The collar shaped necklace makes it ideal for a formal meeting look and can blend well with sweaters, shirts, or dresses.

7. Gold and Pearl Earrings

Gold and pearls can be combined to make drop earrings which go very well with evening dresses and gowns. A mixture of hanging gold chains and pearls can accentuate a look and add glamour to the basic drop earrings.

8. Cluster Earrings

You can use some pearl cluster beads to make these earrings, which you can wear with a comfortable attire and yet give a chic look to it.

9. Pearl Drop Earrings

These DIY drop earrings complement everyday clothing really well. If you are not into heavy accessorizing, these simple drop earrings will add a contemporary look without being over-bearing on the whole attire.

10. Long Pearl Necklace

Take inspiration from this DIY tutorial if you love to wear layered jewelry. This long necklace will work great if you are wearing a high neckline or a turtleneck. This draws attention to the neckline and the basic silver chain gives a coherent look.

11. Funky Necklace

Are you bored with your single strand of a pearl necklace? Use this inspiring DIY to add some groove to your look with this easy to create DIY pearl jewelry. The best part is that this is just a temporary style you can add and still use the pearl necklace in a classical way.

12. Hint of Glamour

Add a custom look to a basic pearl necklace using a metal piece that gives a hue of rose gold. This is a unique idea that is sure to turn some heads with its eccentric look.

13. Gold and Pearl Necklace

Gold and pearl are a good pair because gold highlights the warmth of the white pearls. This DIY tutorial is great if you are looking for an elegant look with your pearls without making them the center of attraction.

14. Pearl and Ribbon Necklace

Another design made using pearls and ribbon, this DIY pearl jewelry gives a more minimalist look. Pearls are always great for any formal outfit to make it look classy and elegant. Take inspiration from this DIY and make a stylish pearl necklace with a stretch cord, ribbon, and pearls.


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