14 DIY Cardboard Archery Target You Should Try!

Try these economical and easy-to-make DIY cardboard archery target ideas to practice and enhance your skills without spending too much on buying archery targets from the store!

1. Indoor Cardboard Target

Use a stack of cardboard pieces and tie them with a pull strap to create an indoor archery target for practice. This works perfectly for catching the arrows, and since it is just tied up with a strap, you can always move around the cardboard. You can easily replace the old cardboards once they wear off with extensive use. Watch the tutorial to know more.

2. Masked Cardboard Target

DIY Cardboard Archery Target1

A quick and easy way to create a cardboard target, this tutorial shows how you can stack just a few pieces of cardboard, cover them in duct tape and use it for catching the arrows. It doesn’t use the stacked side but the front side of the stacked cardboards to create a nice DIY board for practice. You can even get creative with the tape and make a bullseye in the center with yellow tape.

3. Sturdy Cardboard Target

Make this sturdy cardboard target and fix it together with plywood, and mark a target in the center. It has wheels attached to it that make it easy to move around. Such archery targets are quite useful for practice as the arrows away from the target are also caught by the cardboards, making it easier to collect once done.

4. DIY Cardboard Archery Target

This tutorial shows a quick way to make a cardboard archery target with a cardboard box and filling it with a few layers of cardboard sheets to create a sturdy target. Easy to carry around, and quick to make, it does not spoil the arrows and is perfect for practicing at home.

5. Cute Archery Target

Cardboard targets are economical and you can even use waste sheets and plastic bags to fill them up and make them compact and sturdy. This archery target is filled inside and uses plastic in the front and cardboard sheets in the back that make it easier to pull out the arrows. Paste a fun picture over it, to make your practice sessions fun and enjoyable.

6. Recycled Archery Target

DIY Cardboard Archery Target2

If you have a lot of scrap material in your house, then this DIY archery target can help you in getting rid of them. With just a cardboard box, filled with scrap material cramped up inside to create weight and sturdiness, this tutorial is a quick and easy DIY project.

7. Archery Target for Recreational Purpose

Archery is a great outdoor recreational activity and going the economical way, you can make a nice archery target using a simple cardboard box. Fill the box with cardboard sheets and paste a target on it. Follow the tutorial to see all the steps in detail.

8. DIY Archery Target

This tutorial shows a well-built archery target that is useful for regular practice and is nothing but a simple stack of cardboard sheets! It is made with plywood to keep the cardboards intact. A simple design, this tutorial shows different alternatives too for making this target, such as using pull straps instead of rods for keeping the wood together.

9. Large DIY cardboard target

DIY Cardboard Archery Target3

Make a large cardboard target with a considerable height that is easy to practice for both kids as well as adults. Stack a few cardboards together and use wooden slabs to fix them all together. Additionally, you can add wheels to the target DIY to make it easily accessible. It is a great way to make use of old lying cardboard boxes, and a fun activity to try as well.

10. Inexpensive Archery Target

DIY Cardboard Archery Target4

If you do not have many cardboard boxes and are looking for an economical way to make one, then this DIY tutorial is for you. Use a large cardboard box, fill it with plastic bags and other materials that you would usually throw out, and cover it all with duct tape. This is a great way to create your personal and inexpensive archery target that you can even gift to someone.

11. Recycled Archery Target

Revamp your old cardboard target with this easy tutorial. Besides upgrading the old cardboard targets, you can even make it from scratch altogether. Spray paint with the target design, and have fun practicing your skills!

12. DIY Cardboard Archery Target

An easy way to make a nice cardboard target is by just folding the cardboard boxes and stacking them together. This way you can avoid the hassle of cutting the cardboard sheets. Tie the sheets together to ensure sturdiness and to make them easy to move.

13. Test Cardboard Target

If you are a little doubtful about using cardboard boxes as an archery target, then you can have a look at this tutorial. This video will probably cover all the aspects of using cardboard boxes like the type of cardboard, the number of sheets, and placement.


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