13 DIY Skateboard Deck Ideas | Customized Skateboard Deck

Here are 15 DIY skateboard deck ideas for you to try for your next skateboard project! Go through the article for more information.

1. Gold Plated Skateboard

Take inspiration from this DIY to show off an extravagant look with this gold plated skateboard. You can have it without spending tons of money by simply layering the deck with gold chrome vinyl.

2. DIY Skateboard Deck

This tutorial shows step by step process for making a skateboard deck, starting from creating the mold for compression. You can create the mold as per the type of usage for your skateboard. If you have a particular idea in mind about the design of your skateboard, try following this tutorial. The simplistic way of using graphic adhesive sheets to get a design you like is easy to follow and looks very stylish.

3. Flat Skateboard

DIY Skateboard Deck Ideas1

While most of the tutorials are describing how to create a curved skateboard for kicks and turns, this tutorial shows a way to create a flat skateboard using easily available plywood. Flat skateboards are great for beginners as they give more balance and are definitely the easiest to make as it does not require the use of molds and compression techniques.

4. Art Skateboard

Looking to show off your artistic skills? Take inspiration from this DIY tutorial and paint something unique on your skateboard. This video explains in detail how to coat before you paint, how you can transfer and measure up your designs according to the shape of the skateboard.

5. Sketch Skateboard

Sketch Skateboard

Add an edge to a basic wooden skateboard by sketching raw features with some markers or artist pens. Here in this tutorial, a nice contrast is created over the wooden board using black and white art portraying a hardcore rock personality.

6. Skateboard DIY

DIY Skateboard Deck Ideas2

Get a more detailed overview of how to build a skateboard deck with comprehensive pictures for each step. Read through this tutorial to understand the basics of each step. If you are starting from scratch without a mold or any other readymade equipment, this will give you a clear explanation and is a great starting point.

7. Skateboard using Pallet Wood

This tutorial shows a great way of reusing those extra pallet wood lying around in the house to make a skateboard. It eliminates the waste and saves a lot of costs spent on buying new veneers for the skateboard. You can be oil and polish the surface for the finish and is a complete DIY solution for your own handmade skateboard deck.

8. Inexpensive Skateboard

This DIY tutorial shows an inexpensive way of creating your skateboard which works as great as the store-bought one. It utilizes the least number of tools and does not need high grade expensive tools for creating a functional skateboard deck.

9. Vinyl Design Skateboard

Many commercial skateboards use vinyl to customize the look by adding logos or graphics. In this tutorial, you can learn to use vinyl and some skills on graphic software to add graphics to your skateboard which are more durable and do not come off easily.

10. Fun Customized Skateboards

 Fun Customized Skateboards

Take motivation from this family who personalized a whole set of decks using a variety of techniques. They used paints, stencils, and spray paints to create a whole range of decks suited for all types of moods. A fun DIY activity for the family with the incentive of beautifully curated fun DIY Skateboard Deck Ideas.

11. Wooden Skateboard

DIY Skateboard Deck Ideas3

Follow this tutorial for a detailed overview of how to create the skateboard deck. It talks about all the steps and other alternatives that can be used for your DIY skateboard.

12. Character Inspired Skateboards

Revamp your basic skateboard with this creature inspired skateboard deck. This video is sure to motivate you to modernize your skateboard with your favorite character/series and match your personality.

13. Basic Vinyl Skateboard Sesign

Not everyone likes over the top skateboards, and if you are one of them, this tutorial is for you. This black vinyl which doubles up as a grip tape gives it the basic look without making it too dull. Create your own skateboard or add this touch to the one you have already.


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