12 DIY Wooden Gift Box Ideas You’ll Love

Bored with the same old gift wrappings? With these DIY wooden box ideas, not only the present but gift box will be worth keeping!

Wooden gift boxes are in trend. They look so premium and leave a good impression on the receiver. You can many any gift special and memorable by using a DIY wooden gift box. It’s not only about aesthetics, but also the box will last for a long time and your loved one can keep it as a memory of your gift.

1. Decorative Wooden Gift Boxes

Decorative Box

Jazz up simple handmade gifts by containing them in decorative boxes painted in pastel shades. Follow this tutorial here.

2. Rustic Sauce Bar Box

Rustic Gift Box

This wooden box has ample space to accommodate your sauces and spices and adds a rustic touch to your urban kitchen. Check out this DIY to make it!

3. DIY Wedding Wine Box

DIY Wedding Wine Gift Box

This DIY wine box pays homage to the growing wedding trend at a fraction of the cost.

4. Christmas Eve Wooden Crate Gift Box

Christmas Eve Wooden Crate Gift Box

Placing this cheery crate on the porch is a nice way to herald the festive season. We got the inspiration from this post.

5. Painted Gift Boxes

DIY Wooden Gift Box 6

These cute, personalized boxes are great for storing knick-knacks while keeping them within easy reach. As we came to know here.

6. Monogrammed Wooden Gift Box

DIY Wooden Gift Box 6

These adorable monogrammed wooden boxes are the easier alternative to handmade cards for the not-so-crafty DIYer.

7. DIY Pull-Out Photo Album Gift Box

DIY Wooden Gift Box 7

A wooden frame lends support to this collapsible photo album, keeping your memories well-preserved till years later. Here‘s the DIY.

8. DIY Coffee And Tea Gift Box

Coffee And Tea container

This splendid beverage packaging idea by sadieseasongoods is the perfect way to surprise beloved on busy work nights.

9. DIY Jewelry Gift Box

Jewelry Box

Preserve your precious jewelry for years in these pretty DIY wooden boxes. Learn to make them here.

10. Valentines Day Wooden Gift Box

DIY Wooden Gift Box 10

This Valentine-themed box is a nice surprise element to spice up your romantic evening further. The step by step instructions is here.

11. DIY Gold Glitter Letters Wooden Gift Box

DIY Wooden Gift Box 11

For a cool, blingy touch to plain wooden boxes, follow this super easy tutorial here.

12. Birthday Wooden Gift Box

DIY Wooden Gift Box 12

Here’s a unique gift box idea for presenting humble homemade gifts in style. Check out the step by step tutorial here.


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