12 DIY Christmas Snow Globe Ideas You Must Try

These twelve snow globe ideas will excite your kids to indulge in some great festive crafts!

1. DIY Snow Globe

Fill a fishbowl with enough salt or faux snow and place decorative items inside it. Finish off the project by wrapping the fishbowl with string lights for extra glitter at night. Visit Craftionary.

2. Olaf Snow Globe

Glue an Olaf figurine and faux trees to the base of a snow globe and add white glitter to recreate this idea. Get the instructions here.

3. Baby Food Jar Snow Globe

With some glitter, glycerine, and water, you can imitate the snow globe project by Craftaholics Anonymous. This is ideal for adding a festive winter appeal in your home decor.

4. Waterless Snow Globe

Craft this waterless snow globe with your kids to make them enjoy their winters indoors. It’s ideal to feature as an all-new snowy centerpiece for your Christmas decor.

5. Snow Globe

If you are looking for a holiday gift to surprise your friends or family, this craft is the right choice. Watch this video tutorial to learn the steps.

6. Homemade Snow Globe

How about crafting a snow globe that has your kid’s picture as the feature instead of a figurine? Click here to see the tutorial on Our Best Bites.

7. Snow Globe Ornament

Fasten bottle-brush tree and other figurines into the base of a clear plastic ornament along with some faux snow. Once done, glue a lace ribbon around the perimeter of the globe. The tutorial is here.

8. Mason Jar Lid Snow Globe

If you wish to break through the traditional snow globe appearance you ought to follow this craft. Break a Christmas ornament in half and attach it to a mason jar lid with other decorations.

9. Snow Globe Cupcakes

Make a consumable snow globe using food materials and a few necessary craft supplies. See the tutorial here.

10.Anthropologie Snow Globe

Glue a small tree to the lid of any container and let it dry for a while. Add water and glitter to the jar and turn the lid on with the tree. Simple! Take a look here.

11. Basic Snow Globe

Attach little figurines to a mason jar lid after rubbing the inside of the lid with sandpaper. Next, follow the usual routine of making a snow globe; water, glitter, glycerine, and done! Watch the idea at this channel.

12. Waterless Snow Globe

Involve your kids in this fun craft, which will make it more memorable and special! You can decorate your home with a set of these put on a tabletop with an embellishment of string lights. Alpha Mom has the tutorial.


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