12 Dinosaur Bath Bombs DIY | Hatching Bath Bomb

Pump up the curiosity in your child with Dinosaur bath bombs in their bathtub! It’ll be a fun and learning session.

1. Dinosaur Bath Bomb DIY

Dinosaur Bath Bombs DIY1

Now, the dinosaurs might have gone extinct but the curiosity that circles them still lives in many hearts, mostly the young ones. Have a scientific time with your bathing kid with this dinosaur bath bomb DIY.

2. DIY Fizzy Surprise Eggs

A dinosaur would pop out of the bath bomb every time it goes underwater through these fizzy surprise eggs! This is essentially designed for dinosaurs but you can play around and customize it the way you like.

3. How-To Bathbombs

The regular shape of bath bombs might not be as intriguing as these dinosaur-shaped bath bombs. Give them each a name and have fun playtime with your child during their bath.

4. Hatching Egg Fizzing Bath Bombs

Engage your kids in creating their own dinosaur bath bombs that hatch when put in water. This is a fun way to teach them some science behind the fizzing action and dinosaur extinction.

5. Easy DIY Dinosaur Egg Bath Bombs

Easy DIY Dinosaur Egg Bath Bombs

Some kids are just obsessed with dinosaurs and for them, a hatching dinosaur egg would be a dream come true! So what it’s not real, not everything is real in a kid’s imagination right?

6. Homemade Dinosaur Egg Bath Bombs

Dinosaur Bath Bombs DIY2

With a mere seven supplies, you can book an amazing bath session for your child full of laughter and surprises. Go RAWR the kids are out with this idea!

7. Easter DIY Bath Bomb

Easter DIY Bath Bomb

Fill the plastic egg with the mixture of baking soda, citric acid, cornstarch, etc with a plastic dinosaur in it. Let the egg set and it’s ready for hatching!

8. DIY Dino Bombs

DIY Dino Bombs

Your bath bombs can not only fizz but smell nice too, just add your favorite blend of essential oil mix and enjoy the bath time. For kids, try a calming scent like lavender and rosemary to let them have a good night’s sleep.

9. Homemade Dinosaur Bath Bomb

Dinosaur Bath Bombs DIY3

The idea behind a hatching dinosaur egg remains almost the same but you can always play with the color combination to match the hatching dino. Check this idea here.

10. Dino Bath Bombs DIY

Dino Bath Bombs DIY

As complicated as a bath bomb looks, it is pretty easy to DIY. You will end up with the perfect egg ready to be thrown into the bathtub!

11. Dinosaur Egg Bath Bombs

Dinosaur Bath Bombs DIY4

Homeschooling involves lots of exploring and fun activities to teach some essentials to the kids. Make your history teaching a little fun with these dinosaur egg bath bombs. While you and your kids create the eggs, talk to them about dinosaurs and the meteor that killed them but not all mammals!

12. Sensory Play with Dino Eggs

Dinosaur Bath Bombs DIY5

Teach your kids about the endothermic reaction with bath bombs and give them a task to identify the animal inside through sensory guesses. You can combine multiple animals instead of just dinosaurs.


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