12 Best Wishes Box Ideas That You Must Know

It is a thoughtful idea to present your loved ones with a best wishes gift box. There are several occasions on which you can gift a best wishes box to someone you fancy. In this article, you will learn about various different best wishes gift box ideas for your friends and relatives. You can wrap the box with a colorful bow on top to give it a classy and decorative appeal. You may add different gifts in the box such as gourmet food, wine, flowers, and whatever you can grab your hands on. If you’re giving it to someone who lives close to you, you can include home-cooked special food or handmade fragile gifts as well. Handmade gift items add extra thoughtfulness to the box and make the recipient happy a lot.

1. Decorative And Easy Explosion Box

This box will be easy for those who know some bit of origami as you need to fold the edges of a square paper to form a box. You can add a piece of note inside the box along with some toffees or a personalized card to surprise the recipient. This type of box is ideal if you want to wish your child all the best for their important occasion or just to ease their boo-boo pain a bit!

2. Cardstock Gift Box

Best Wishes Box Ideas1

Make this box in a larger size with larger-sized papers and color co-ordinate the box to suit your occasion. You can experiment with the size of the box to fit all the items that you have in mind. Since it is made with paper, it’s not only environment-friendly but easy on the pocket as well. The personalized touch will not fail to express your emotions to the recipient.

3. Easy Spacious Gift Box Ideas

Similar to the above ideas, this is an easy paper gift box that you can customize for your friends and family members. Might we suggest you try printed papers and ombre ribbons? It will add extra punch to the whole gift box. You can add a variety of things to the box depending on the size of the box.

4. Lockable Gift Box Ideas

Something different than the rest of the best wishes box ideas so far, you can make and utilize this box to surprise the little kid in everyone with M&Ms. You can even add a little well-wishing card with some sweet lines to melt their heart.

5. Birthday Gift Box Ideas

Birthday of someone special approaching? Why not give this ‘happy birthday box’ a shot and bring a smile to their face? Well, you can change the color scheme and delete or add some things to personalize the box as per your liking.

6. Get Well Soon Hamper Ideas

It’s tragic to find someone you love to meet in an accident. Assemble this get-well-soon gift box to tell them how much you wish for their speedy recovery and extend your care and gratitude as well.

7. Care Packages For Friends

There is a lot that you can give to your friends, whether it is their birthday or a farewell. If you’re bidding adieu to a dear friend, you might wish to give them a care package to remember you by. Watch to video to get more ideas on how to assemble a care package for a friend.

8. Homemade Hamper Box

If you wish to make a grand best wishes box, your search ends here as you DIY this hamper box with easy supplies at home. Perfect for birthdays, farewells, get-well-soon, and even baby showers.

9. DIY Gift Box

Surprise your significant other with the details and intricacies of this DIY gift box on their birthday, anniversary, or promotion. You can include chocolate, photographs, gifts, and a variety of personalized messages for your partner’s special day.

10. Origami Paper Bag For Small Gifts

Best Wishes Box Ideas2

Know someone who adores small things and items? Give them the cutest gift bag by DIYing this origami paper bag for small gifts such as their favorite toffee or a commitment RING.

11. Cardboard Gift Box

This gift box is an effortless DIY if you wish to make something quickly and with minimal supplies. You can add small gift items, personalized messages, and some chocolates in the box for your friend.

12. Repurpose Greeting Card

Best Wishes Box Ideas3

You can repurpose a greeting card instead of buying a colored or printed sheet to DIY a gift box at home. This will not only reduce and reuse the paper waste at your home but bring more options to the table too.

Final Thoughts

These were some of the best wishes gift box ideas for you to try and customize a thoughtful gift for a friend or family. You can alter the dimensions and color schemes to suit the occasion on which you will be giving the gift. Try bright colors for a birthday and farewell gift box and a lighter tone with prints and designs for a get-well-soon box.


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