11 Slime Add Ins | Things To Add To Slime

Know what can be added to slime to make it better and more fun to play with by adding the following slime Add Ins!

Moving ahead with times, we have to add more stuff to our slimes than just color for fun. However, you should know the effect each add-in makes to your slime. We are here with your slime bible. Read and know all about the go-to add-in for making your slimes cooler and why you should add them!

Slime Add Ins

1. Soft Air Dry Clay

An ideal ingredient to create butter soft and smooth slime without glue. The air-dry clay helps to make the slime, richer, smoother, and silkier in texture. This unique slime ingredient helps the slime stay soft and stretchy for a long time as well.

2. Kool-aid

Kool Aid

This add on will make your edible slimes even more delicious. However, if you are making regular slime, kool-aid adds a unique scent and color to your creation.

3. Essential oils

Even as slimes are fun to play and not harmful to health, adding essentials oils can add to the value of your slime. As each essential oil comes with its own set of benefits, you can easily add them to your kids’ lives in a fun way! Inhaling the essential oil while playing can hit two birds with the same stone.

4. Confetti


Confetti slime can is an ideal addition for all special occasions and parties. Furthermore, adding confetti to slime for parties keeps the kids and adults entertained likewise. You can never go wrong with adding more sparkle to a party.

5. Sand

Adding sand to slime is an excellent way to enhance a kid’s sensory experience. Smooth play sand is the ideal add-on for a fun session!

6. Glow in the dark pigments

Slime Add Ins2

Apart from being a cool idea, adding glow in the dark pigments can be an essential science lesson for your kids. Growing up, kids need to pick up essential facts and experiences from things around them. Coupled with a fun slime playing session, the experience can be informative for the child. Bonus! Awe your kids with glowing slime in the dark.

7. Glitter

You have to agree, containing glitter to slime before it falls and spreads around your house sounds like a lucrative idea. In addition to that, glittery slime is impressive to play with and to look at. Fine glitter also maintains the smooth texture of the slime. So, add glitter to your slime recipe and get the party started.

8. Water beads

A magic trick for the kids, you can add non-hydrated water beads to the slime and see your kids surprised faces as the beads start to grow, absorbing the moisture from the slime. Otherwise, you can add hydrated water beads to the slime for a fun texture and playtime!

9. Foam beads

A popular add-in for slime, foam beads adds a crunchy texture to the slime.

10. Artificial snow

Slime Add In3

Adding artificial snow mix to your slime can help you get a fun soft texture. Make sure you mix the mixture with water, before adding it to the slime for the right consistency.

11. Polymer stickers

Generally used for nail art, polymer clay stickers are a fun add-in for the slime. The stickers add-in more character to your slime!

These add-ins are fun and different to play with for the slime. However, if you are looking for add-ons to make a difference in the recipes and textures of the slime- here is our list!

1. Clear Glue

Using clear glue instead of regular white glue helps you get transparent slime. Clear slimes can showcase, glitter, beads, and other add-ins more profoundly.

2. Body lotion

Adding certain ingredients other than the basics can help you change the texture of your slime. Body lotions, for instance, can add a pleasant fragrance and a smoother stretch to your slime. It also keeps the kids’ hands moisturized and fragrant.

3. Vegetable glycerin

Vegetable Glycerine

This particular ingredient can help you get a thinner and glossier slime texture. A teaspoon of glycerin is enough for your slime recipe for a fun texture. You can also use glycerin to remove slime stuck on your clothes and carpet at home.

So, what are you going to add to your slime recipe today! Besides, if your slime breaks, check out this article to fix it in no time.


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