11 Reserved Flower Earrings DIY | Flower Earring Ideas

Try these reserved flower earrings DIY to customize a set of beautiful earring loops to go with your different outfits.

Reserved Flower Earrings DIY

1. Silk Floral Earrings

Reserved Flower Earrings DIY1

A beautiful and elegant way for adding charm to a basic dress, this tutorial shows how you can make these delicate silk flower earrings. You can make these earrings in different colors, and lengths, and it goes really well with long dresses.

2. Metallic Oval Hoops

Reserved Flower Earrings DIY4

Add grace to your outfit, using these classic pair of earrings made with preserved flowers in a metallic oval bezel. This tutorial shows an easy way to preserve little petals from any flower you like and turn them into beautiful earrings.

3. Tassel Flower Earrings

DIY these beautiful tassel earrings with a preserved flower by taking reference from the video above. These give a stylish and casual chic vibe and can transform a subtle outfit into a fun and fashionable one. Tassel earrings can be worn in any season and go well with any kind of outfit.

4. Petal Earrings

Reserved Flower Earrings DIY2

DIY these beautiful petal earrings preserved using resins and attached with the earring hoop. Petals can be found in various colors, and you can make a whole range of different color earrings with every outfit.

5. Pressed Flowers

Reserved Flower Earrings DIY4

Use these little pendants to preserve flowers and convert them into beautiful earrings. Lock in the different petals, leaves, or even the little branches of the flowers in these pendants using just glue and clear nail polish. Follow the tutorial for a detailed procedure.

6. Laminated Flower Earrings

Reserved Flower Earrings DIY3

Instead of going through the whole process of preserving flowers using resin, you can just neatly laminate them. Once laminated, cut it into funky shapes and attach an earring hoop to it. Click here to know more.

More Flower Earrings

7. Dangle Earrings

Dangle Earrings

Make these long, elegant, and classic dangle earrings perfect for special occasions with this Instructable. It is an easy jewelry design, that can be made by beginners, and still, look amazingly beautiful.

8. Wire Face Earrings

Wire Face Earrings

This idea has a unique and quirky design of earrings that you can make using just a single piece of wire. Turn it into a face-like feature and wear it with a fun pair of jeans and a top.

9. Flower Button Earrings

Flower Button Earrings

These cute little earring made with flower buttons is great for a chic and elegant look. It goes perfect with the cute little summer dresses and is easy to make. You can make a whole set of such button earrings with different styles of flowers.

10. Flower Button Earrings

Flower Button Earrings

This tutorial shows five different designs of flower earrings that you can make with polymer clay. It is a fun DIY activity for beginners and can be quickly made in just a few easy steps.

11. Petal Drop Earrings

 Petal Drop Earrings

Drop earrings are timeless classic pieces that can be worn with all kinds of outfits. This tutorial shows how you can make beautiful drop earrings that are light to wear and have a flirtatious look to them.


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