11 Color Me Mine Plate Ideas | Color Me Mine Ideas

Unleash your creativity and add a pop of personality to your dining table with Color Me Mine plate ideas!

1. Alcohol Technique Painting

This DIY plate painting technique features the color me mine alcohol technique to give finesse to your utensil. Simply follow the video and play creatively with your paint patterns and that’s all!

2. Planter Painting

This color me mine planter is perfect if you wish to portray beauty in a simple art project done by you! You can choose a combination of similar hues for the base ombre effect!

3. Color Me Mine Sand Technique

The sand technique lets you add extra texture to your painting and uplifts the whole mood of the DIY. Have a look at the video for precise steps!

4. Color Me Mine Pattern Ideas

Color Me Mine Plate Ideas1

Decide on this pattern for your next color me mine plate session and you’ll rock it, we’re sure. The great thing about this is that it’s simple and quick to replicate.

5. Color Me Mine Plate Ideas

Color Me Mine Plate Ideas2

How fun it would be to carry a travel mug that reflects your artistic senses at its finest! It’s not necessary to paint on a travel mug only of course. Choose the utensil of your choice and get going.

6. Colorful Floral Mug

Colorful Floral Mug

Mugs are probably the most infamous pieces that people love to paint on. Replicate this idea or infuse your own twists to customize this mug for yourself or for a loved one.

7. DIY Ceramic Dog Bowl

Why not shower your love on your pet in a way that they can’t understand but are sure to love? Add little textures in the dog bowl or draw something which they’ll surely love to admire.

8. DIY Bowl Painting Ideas

DIY Bowl Painting Ideas

One of the easiest bowl painting ideas and an advantage to those who are new to painting and would appreciate their littlest creations. Check out the patterns here.

9. Basic Flower Painting

Color Me Mine Plate Ideas3

This is probably one of the simplest designs that are beginner friendly and super quick to replicate! Check out the design on Pinterest.

10. DIY Ceramic Birth Plate

Color Me Mine Plate Ideas4

Surprise a new mom with this easy birth plate with the date, weight of the baby, and height of the baby at the time of the birth. This is not only adorable but thoughtful too.

11. Lemon Wedge Plate

Color Me Mine Plate Ideas5

For every half-cut plate, there is a lemon/citrus design waiting to be painted! For instance, have a look at this perfect art here.


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