10 Memory Wall Ideas You Can’t Resist to Try

Give your wall a personal touch with these DIY memory wall ideas. It’s a clever way to transform boring walls into a beautiful conversation starter decor.

1. Display Your Instagram Pictures

DIY memory wall ideas 1

Remove the glass of a big sized frame and attach floral wire to its back to complete this DIY memory wall idea. Follow these instructions here to know more.

2. Memory Wall Ideas – Gallery Wall

DIY memory wall ideas 2

Giving a living memory makeover to any wall to make it more catchy and full of emotions that you praise. Get the details here.

3. Travel Themed Gallery Wall

DIY memory wall ideas 3

If you’re a travel person and travelling flows in your veins, then this is the perfect way to keep a record of all your memories you spend in different regions. Learn more details here to start doing the DIY.

4. Heart Photo Wall

DIY memory wall ideas 4

Arrange a set of 4X4 photo prints in a heart shape on a wall to complete this DIY photo wall idea. It’s just as easy and basic as it looks, click here.

5. DIY Photography Wall Display

DIY Photography Wall Display

On a wall, hammer nails at length you like and wrap a wire around the ends to secure it in place. Now you just need to hang some of your favorite photos randomly using clothes pin or clips. We found the idea here.

6. DIY Rustic Pallet Frames

DIY Rustic Pallet Frames

Reuse discarded wooden pallets from your garage to craft out this rustic frame for your photos. The step by step tutorial is available here.

7. Memory Wall Ideas – Shanty Memo Frame

Shanty Memo Frame

Paint an empty frame and give it an appealing look by sticking some paper or cloth flowers at two opposite ends. Attach a twine or floral wire in a puzzling way and secure with staple gun. Visit here.

8. Embroidery Hoop Picture Frame

Embroidery Hoop Picture Frame

Attach pictures to a plain fabric; sew the photo into the fabric with embroider hoop and design the surrounding with thread and sewing needle. Have a look at this tutorial by Instructables.

9. DIY Hanging Picture Display

Decorate your wall with this hanging picture display using air dry clay, rolling pin, knife, twine, hot glue, dowel rod, and some paint. Refer to the video above to know the steps.

10. DIY Floral Photo Hoop

DIY Floral Photo Hoop

Paint a hula hoop, hot glue some strand of ribbons at its back side and arrange sqaures of pictures in order you like. Style Me Pretty has the directions.


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